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Prophet is the next generation of User Interaction, Advanced Data Analytics and Cutting-edge Technology integrated into the NiagaraAX environment.

  • Built with an open architecture, Prophet has the flexibility to embrace the community and allow for the development of 3rd party components and plug-ins to be shared with industry experts.
  • Prophet is a single, unified environment that brings together all aspects of deploying a successful job efficiently and includes engineering components, user management, navigation builder, data modeling, and dashboard designer.
  • These tools in your hands allow to easily build a fully functioning intelligent user interface to accurately model and interact with your building systems.


VISUALIZATION – Less clicks to get to what matters to you.  Prophet’s custom and personal user experience is based on industry leading technology, DGLux, from partner company DGLogik.  From amazing graphics and widgets, to the ability to customize each users’ experience, Prophet allows you to focus that valuable time you spend in front of your browser on what matters most.

INTELLIGENCE – Coupled with the user experience, Prophet features DataEye.  DataEye is the brains behind Prophet, with dynamic, global formulas and intelligent-agent engines; including system Analytics and Fault Detection and Advanced Diagnostics.

ACTION – Dashboard-only products and monitoring/data mining tools alone serve their purpose and are useful, however no system is truly complete without the Real-time Control connection to the data.  Automatic or Manual Decision-Making (user discretion) is combined with the user experience and the intelligence engines of DataEye to make the product amazingly unique.

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