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CSV/File Driver

Automating the importing and exporting of CSV/FTP/sFTP/TXT/XML for the NiagaraAX Framework.

This driver has the ability to allow users to import any 3rd party data source and model the data as NiagaraAX points.

The CSV/File Driver also has an export feature that allows users to export NiagaraAX data via CSV in an easy to use interface.

Datasheet PDF

For a time-out, trial version [Runs, unlicensed, for 2 hours at a time, between station restart], please click below.

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For a video on how the product works and other training information, please click button below.

CSV/File Driver Training Video

Part number (all JACEs):  DRV-CSV-AX-J                                                                                                           List Price:  $600

Part number (all Niagara AX software):  DRV-CSV-AX-WS                                                                              List Price:  $2500